Pretty great, actually

Development West Coast
What we did
  • Campaign Creative
  • Video Production
  • Planning & Coordination

We’ve had the privilege to partner with DWC for a number of years. During that time we have created the award winning ‘untamed natural wilderness’ brand, numerous domestic and international digital campaigns and, more recently, a new regional website.

For their summer campaign DWC asked us to create buzz amongst the domestic market and portray the West Coast as a place with a difference.

As the client's budget was tight and the market is already flooded with ads all saying the same thing: "Our region is the best", we opted for a more tongue in cheek take on a tourism campaign.

The West Coast is of course a stunning place, but so is the rest of New Zealand. It is also remote, sparsely populated and doesn't have the volume of attractions that places like Queenstown does. We decided to celebrate all the stereotypes associated with the West Coast and show how they are pretty great, actually.

The campaign consists of a series of short videos for social media. With their pared back, one camera shots and nothing but the nature sounds as soundtrack, the videos stand out against the noise of social media and really do justice to all that is special about the West Coast. The simplicity of the campaign also allowed us to create a lot of great content in a very short period of time.

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