Pizza trap

Pizza Trap
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  • Branding

Space Academy is a venue/bar in Christchurch. In 2021 they acquired a pizza oven and decided to rebrand as Pizza Trap. Space Academy had a solid following but not as a place to eat, so to gain a new audience, they approached us to give their new venture an identity.

As a name, “Pizza Trap” begs the question, “what is a pizza trap?” This got us thinking about how pizza is such a powerful tool. Want to make friends or to invite people to visit your venue? Just add “pizza” to your invites. Pizza is the ultimate bait for luring people in and trapping them.

This notion led to the creation of a logo that is a very literal interpretation of a Pizza Trap: A comical image of a bear trap that lures you in with it’s tasty pizza mouth. It’s fun but also a little dangerous, which marries well with the restaurant’s location down a bit of a blind alley. It creates mystery and intrigue without being too edgy.

To enhance the humorous comic book-style look of the identity, we created a set of Batman-style action bubbles. In stead of KA-POW! and BAM! they say things like KAKATO (delicious) and HĀHĀ (scrumptious) which represent the noise of people doing battle with the pizza trap. They also provided a great opportunity to introduce some more Te Reo to the communications, which was something the client was particularly passionate about.

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