Noble Wilde

Weft Knitting
What we did
  • Branding
  • Website
  • Ecommerce

Noble Wilde is a premium knitwear brand that has built a strong foothold in NZ and European markets through a traditional retailer model. They approached us to help them refine their brand story and build a direct-to-consumer ecommerce platform.

Like many New Zealand companies, Noble Wilde has an incredible story and a truly remarkable product that weren't getting the attention they deserve. With a real passion for sustainability and a focus on quality and craft there was a wealth of material to work with. It is a real pleasure to work with the Noble Wilde team to help bring their ethos and story to a wider audience.

Traditional retail to direct to consumer

Prior to our involvement, the Noble Wilde brand was limited to just a couple of touch points. For most customers, the garments themselves were the brand with the retail experience and quality of fabrics doing most of the heavy lifting.

The primary challenge in going from a traditional retail model to a direct to consumer model is in building customer trust in the quality of the product without a tactile product to touch and try.

To help, we created a more comprehensive story and brand architecture that would help connect customers with Noble Wilde's process and values, along with a suite of associated assets.

With that as the foundation, we designed and built a flexible digital platform to allow story telling, ecommerce and management of retail partners powered by Dato CMS and Saleor Ecommerce.

The new website features

  • Flexible architecture to allow Noble Wilde to manage a wide range of content and page types in-house using Dato CMS.

  • Fully custom product model and attributes for swathes, fabrics and weights using Saleor ecommerce.

  • Multi-region and localisation to customise the products, pages and content to the customers location and language.

  • Stock management integration to keep the ecommerce platform in sync with warehousing and shipments.

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