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Melon Health
What we did
  • Illustration
  • Storyboarding

Melon Health is a New Zealand based start up providing digital therapeutics for physical, emotional and social health. Melon combines behaviour science, data and design to deliver evidence-based wellness interventions around the world. 

Melon approached us in the middle of the COVID pandemic to create a series of videos for teenagers struggling with mental health. Given their younger audience we decided to double down on the melon and create a new character (yes, a melon) that represented our audience's mental state. 

Our brief was to take big concepts like mindfulness and surfing the urge and turn them into bite-sized videos that were easy to digest. We had a blast creating the mini stories and illustrations and collaborated with Dan Watson (animator) and Jonny Pipe (audio/SFX) to really bring the messages to life.  

It was great to feel like we were making a difference for those who were really struggling with anxiety and social isolation during a really difficult time.

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