What we did
  • Web App
  • Illustration

Kākano is a family web app to help manage kids with big emotions. It helps whānau build a strong family culture and focus on what matters.

For a joint project with Cure Kids and University of Auckland, we were approached to create an online resource for parents of children with hard to manage emotions.

We conducted user workshops to understand the problem before creating a range of interactive wireframes to test ideas with parents. From there we developed an interactive web app with beautiful illustrations, tamariki-friendly interaction and shed-loads of great advice.


Pick Goals

First the whānau gathers together to set some weekly goals. Once a week they check-in to see how they did with the goals and provide a rating. All the goals are based around the central Māori values of Tika, Pono and Aroha.


Watch your vine grow

The app rewards the whole whānau for engaging by growing a fun interactive vine to whole new heights. The vine visually represents the growth of family culture.


Discover new places

Each week the vine reveals some new places and friends, all critters and landscapes that tamariki might discover around Aotearoa.


Find help if emotions run high

The app is realistic that things won’t always go smoothly. When emotions do run high there are coolers to help calm the situation down. These feature proven techniques for managing strong emotions and an interactive timer when people need some time out.


Multiple users in one vine

After one member of the whānau has created a vine for them to grow, all family members with their own email addresses can join the whānau vine as individual users to allow logging in on multiple devices and from multiple users.

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