HuiHui Mai

Greater Christchurch Partnership / Waka Kotahi
What we did
  • Design, Development

Huihui Mai was a Canterbury-wide survey by the Greater Christchurch Partnership and Waka Kotahi, branded and marketed by our friends at Great Scott Communications.

The survey asked the locals for their opinion on the city's growing infrastructure and invited the participants to imagine what the city would look like when our population doubles over the next 50 years. Great Scott commissioned us to design and build a custom online survey tool, utilising the brand and marketing materials they had created. We also developed a custom reporting dashboard to allow the many stakeholders real-time access to the results.

By nature the survey was very text heavy. To make the material more digestible we used illustrations to made the survey more playful with a tinder style "yeah/nah" swipe left/right style question cards as well as utilising emojis, not just to make the survey more engaging, but also to help the users quickly see the answer options while remaining highly accessible.

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