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Acheron Capital is New Zealand’s first search fund. They commissioned us to create a name and brand for the fund, which needed to be professional and modern with a kiwi connection.

We drew inspiration for the name from New Zealand's maritime history and named the fund after the HMS Acheron a paddle sloop under the command of Captain Lort Stokes that undertook the first full survey of Aoteroa's shoreline between 1848 - 1851.

We used this same idea of “finding” as the main visual idea to build the story upon. An abstraction of a radar “seeking for the investments” became the logo, which then influenced a series of illustrations to help bring a little bit of respite in otherwise very text heavy executions. The same geometric and corporate motifs carry through the website and also allowed us to create much more data focused investment documents.

four images showing the acheron logo design evolution
Acheron capital poster design
A set of three poster designs for Acheron capital explaining the search fund process

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